Meet Chef Ree Ree

​Chef Sherrie “Ree Ree” Edwards is the founder of Ree Ree’s Kitchn, an international Jamaican-fusion culinary enterprise with one mission & one mission ONLY: to prove that healthy food is yummy, one plate at a time. Here’s our culinary philosophy. Your body is your most valuable asset. It is a phenomenal vehicle.

From your brain to your feet, you need this vehicle to think, toa create, to move & ultimately fulfill your God-ordained purpose. Your vehicle needs FUEL, which is FOOD. And food is powerful! It can either ENERGIZE or SEDATE – depending on what you CHOSE to eat. When you experience Ree Ree’s Kitchn, know that your meal or service has been meticulously created to harness the power of food so that it ENERGIZES. And we are serious about that “healthy is yummy” thing. No bland flavors here…..we nuh do dat! Get ready to experience a culinary adventure with a Jamaican-inspired flavor profile!


  • Schedule a Culinary Chat Chef Ree Ree, and figure out your “Food Situation”!

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  • Book Chef Ree Ree, aka The “Well-Thy Chef” as your next keynote speaker.

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  • Complete with Tableside Chef Service
  • Enjoy 4 courses – Cocktail, Appetizer, Main Course, Dessert
  • All from the comfort of your own home!