Hello there WELLthy person!

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am for you.  Yes….for you.  What you are about to experience in Ree Rees Prep School WILL REEstore Kitchen KONfidence, REElease that inner chef, REEvolutionize your relationship with food.

The videos are comprehensive & so much fun.  You will be laughing and learning.  We cook in REAL time.  There is no magic of TV.  Your tahdah moment comes when your plate is complete.  In my class, we start at PREP.
The PDF Download Below provides the ingredients and equipment that you will need.  Gather them. Select a class. Hit play.  And let’s get it.
Remember to drop questions and comments as you view.  Even though, it is a replay, I WILL talk back to you.
Stay WELLthy!


Two Easy Steps to Begin!

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Step 2